Therapeutic Skin
& Body Care Services

All treatments are customized for your personal needs. The following is just a sample of the possibilities available to our clients. We also offer therapeutic skin and body care products.

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ECHO2 Oxygen System Treatment

The ECHO2 oxygen system is a revolutionary treatment for extremely sensitive and challenged skin. Pure oxygen and liquid vitamins are used to hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation and revitalize skin cells. This system offers both corrective and preventative skin care for conditions like rosacea, cystic acne and extreme dryness. $90.00

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This is the most basic facial treatment and recommended for all skin types. A mild exfoliation of the skin is achieved by applying an enzyme-based mixture and allowing it to penetrate the outer skin’s layers, after exfoliation extraction of impacted or clogged pores is performed. This is followed by a gentle massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Finally, a hydrating mask is applied to restore essential skin fluids. $90.00, With acids $100.00

Acne Care

Acne care is a core program at Take Care. All acne is not the same and should not be treated just one way. We develop individual programs and provide coaching to insure healthy progress and understanding to manage acne at all stages of life. Acne facial $90.00, With acne peel $100.00


This safe, non-surgical mechanical treatment removes dead, flaking skin and stimulates the production of new skin cells. After a series of treatment, most people notice that their skin tone is more uniform, hyper-pigmentation is reduced, wrinkles are refined, and scars and large pores are minimized. Some types of acne also respond well to regular Microdermabrasion treatments. Basic treatment starts at $100.00

Jessner Peel

A cosmetic peel designed to remove superficial layers of the skin. Recommended for most skin types, it evens out skin texture to create a clear, radiant glow. Jessner peel helps even out hyper-pigmentation, restore sun damaged skin, increases healing of mild to sever acne, and reduce fine wrinkles. A Jessner Peel can be done in one light coat, resulting in a peel lasting 2 or 3 days, or in multiple coats for a deeper peel lasting 7 to 9 days. $140.00

Deep Pore Cleansing for the Back

This treatment is a facial for the back to clear the back of clogged pores and skin build up. $90.00

Vascutouch Session

An effective treatment for ridding the skin of unwanted blemishes such as spider veins (distended capillaries), skin tags and cherry angiomas. In a Vascutouch session, very low level radio frequencies are applied to the surface of the skin with a fine-tipped sterile prob. A Vascutouch session can be done alone or combined with other treatments such as Echo2 or a Deep Pore Cleansing facial. $85.00

Rezenerate Treatment

Rezenerate is a nanotechnology that drives serums deeper into the skin. Though a stimulating treatment it is pain free. Rezenerate is a non-invasive way to promote collagen development to lessen fine lines, reduce sun damage and deeply nourish the skin. It leaves the skin glowing with no down time. $110.00

Dermal Planning

This is a skin refining treatment using a scalpel to remove outer layers of built up skin. This treatment works really well for oily thick skin or thick fine facial hair to refine texture with or without makeup. $100.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A highly therapeutic massage technique used as part of post-surgical recovery and/or to promote lymphatic drainage and aid detoxification. This type of massage is recommended on a regular basis to help heal chronic skin conditions or as needed after surgical procedures. One and a half hour session: $80.00

LLL Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy uses LED lights from the healing light spectrum to generate collagen and elastin growth. It is done in a series of light sessions of 12 or 16 twice a week. This technique has been used by NASA and the military for over 25yrs to speed the healing of tissue. Series of 16: $408.00


Electrolysis and Waxing Services are also Available.

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