Notes From Our Clients

“There is none better than Lisa Coolidge! I have happily been a client of Lisa’s for over thirty years. There are many reasons to appreciate Lisa; she is not just well educated about all aspects of skincare, she knows an incredible amount of what impacts one’s health, from nutrition to herbs to ingredients in products. And besides all that, Lisa’s instincts make her a unique professional. The best example for me this: I am a cancer survivor who has had part of my face treated with radiation. Radiation burns the skin and often leaves telltale signs of discoloration and fragility in texture, among other kinds of damage. Every time I go to MD Anderson for a check up (18 years), I am told that my skin looks fabulous, no signs of radiation. They are amazed. I tell them and I know it is because of Lisa who treated my skin when I returned from six weeks of radiation.
I love the casualness and comfort of the salon, just a good place to go and be.
There are two other great professionals in the salon: Eva Sotus who has an amazing repertoire of skincare, reflexology, lymph drainage, etc. in the most soothing setting and Roy Badilla, a consummate massage therapist who can cure a lot of muscle aches! Bottom line: THERE IS NONE BETTER!”

– Glenda M.,  Atlanta, GA

“I have been a happy and very satisfied client of Eva’s for 12 years and I love the personal attention I receive from her every time I go. I find Eva to be an expert in her field and a lady who truly cares about her clients. I especially enjoy her deep pore facials, microdermabrasion, reflexology and lymphatic drainage therapy. She is a 10 out of 10!”

– Shannon K.,  Atlanta, GA

“Eva’s lymphatic massages are remarkable to say the least! I have had many massages, but hers are truly unique. It is both relaxing and therapeutic. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis but her monthly massages allow me to move freely without any medication. She has given me a new lease on life. She also use cranial massage on my teenage son when he was having migraines. She is a great healer and a blessing in my life.”

– Valerie V.,   Atlanta, GA

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