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“MASKNE” is a combination of the words “mask” and “acne.” MASKNE is a new term that has emerged during the time of Covid-19, but the concept is not new to skincare.

Technically “Maskne” is “Acne Mechanica,” acne that develops from continuous friction on the facial skin. Since we must wear masks when we are out in public places, we need to build strategies to combat and heal the condition. Thanks for wearing your mask and making life safer for now.



What are the underlying causes of MASKNE, and the reasons why wearing a mask produces acne?

The 3 main underlying causes of MASKNE are:

  • Friction from your mask
  • Buildup of moisture on your face from wearing your mask
  • Bacteria in the moisture under your mask



We can’t stop wearing a mask when not in a safe place to do so, so how do we treat the MASKNE? There are 3 steps we recommend for our clients at Take Care Therapeutic Skin & Body Care to holistically counteract MASKNE.


FIRST: Choose Your Mask Strategically

Try to get the best fitting mask you can. NK95’s and FK94’s stand away from the face in the middle and stay in place better. You can still wear a fabric mask but be sure it fits and stays in place. Fabric mask collect and hold moisture more so you need to change them often.


SECOND: Air out the skin safely

If you work where you wear a mask for long hours you should try a take breaks and air out your face. Find a safe place, the rest room or break room may not be the best place to do this since it is a shared space and could have contaminated air. I take breaks in my car where it is safe to remove my mask, air my face and have a snack safely.


THIRD: Use toner & other products mid-mask wearing

If you can create or find a safe place while you are on break it would be a good time to clean your face gently. Make a cleansing kit with Witch Hazel toner in a small spray bottle and some tissues. Remove your mask and spray your skin with Witch Hazel and blot it dry gently with tissue. Always handle acne with gentle care because hard rubbing will irritate it.

After cleaning, let your skin dry while you are taking your break. Before replacing your mask, treat blemishes with a spot treatment like the new Take Care Therapeutics Blemish Touch Treatment.

You can call and we can discuss which treatment would be best for you. This is a great time also to put on a clean mask if needed especially if wearing a cloth mask.



If you have ANY questions about MASKNE, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing or calling (404) 261-3787. If possible, you can come in for a treatment at Take Care or we can do a phone consult on a treatment designed for you.


Book your appointments knowing that we are taking the utmost precautions with safety. Until then, join us on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get salon updates and holistic skincare tips! We can also help with product recommendations and usage at home until you feel comfortable coming to the salon again.⁠



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